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( Posadas, Argentina, 1949 )

Jorge Cardoso has given concerts throughout Europe and South America and has been a regular participant in international conventions and festivals, in addition to appearances on radio and television.

His compositions number over 270 : for solo guitar (Suites “Misionera”, "Litoraleña", "Sudamericana", “Mitosis”, “de los Mitá-í”, “Cuarderno de Posadas”, “24 Piezas sudamericanas, “22 variaciones sobre un tema costarricense” , “Preludios y danzas”, and a large number of individual pieces); duets ("Suite Porteña", “Hommage a Fernando Sor”, and Fuga” for two guitars; “Una luz muy lejana” and "Meticuloso" for guitar and violin; "Suite pampeana" -six pieces for guitar and harpsichord; “Senemaite”, "Abusete" and "Atulei" for guitar and flute); trios ("Tres piezas sudamericanas", "Tango", "Preguiçoso" and “Seis piezas” for three guitars); quartets (“Yevi-á - four pieces-, "Poker de ases" for guitars, "Cuarteto en La" and "Canon ibérico" for strings); quintets ("El cordobazo)", for guitar and strings; "Lamento cainquá" for guitar and winds); concertos ("Suite Indiana", for two guitars and strings, "Concierto guaraní" and "Fantasía clásica" for guitar and orchestra); string orchestra ("Suite latinoamericana") and numerous songs. The compositions are regularly performed with many being recorded by international performers.

He has also produced a similar number of transcriptions and arrangements of folk themes from South America, the Spanish Renaissance, Baroque period as well as from other countries and eras.

Jorge Cardoso is also a writer, having the following books : "CIENCIA Y METODO DE LA TECHNICA GUITARRISTA" (Science and methodology of guitar techniques), published in French (Les Editions Austreales), Japonese (Guitar Music), and Spanish (University of Costa Rica), and translated into English, German and Polish; "RITMOS Y FORMAS MUSICALES SUDAMERICANAS" (South American rhythms and musical forms) - Vol.1 Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay); and "RASGUEOS" (Strmming) from the 16th century to the present day. He has also undertaken investigative work for the University of Costa Rica in respect of the music of Guancaste.

He has taken part in various competitions in Argentina and won first prizes at the first Littoral Music Festival (Posadas, 1963), the Seventh National Folklore Festival (Cosquin, 1966), the fourth National Composition Contest (Salta, 1971) and the second International Classical Guitar Music Contest Mor6n, Buenos Aires, 1973).

He teaches Technique, Interpretation, South American Music, Baroque Music and Composition, and regularly gives lectures at study courses, congresses and seminars around the world.

Jorge Cardoso, in addition to his work as a concert performer, composer, musicologist and Doctor (University of Cordoba, Argentina, 1973) has founded and conducted the GUITAR CHAMBER ORCHESTRA OF MADRID, and is Artistic Director of the International Guitar Music Festivals of Alsace (France) and Posadas (Argentina).

As a student he studied under : Hermalida A. de Odonetto (folkloric dance), Luis J. Cassinelli (solfeggio), Lucas B. Areco and M. H. Antola de Gomez Crespo (Guitar), Javier Hinojosa (early music) and Mario Perini (harmony) and has obtained the Higher Diploma in Teaching from the Royal Conservatory of Madrid.



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